Edinburgh sex parties are becoming a problem according to local politician

They’re ‘very audible’ said MSP Andy Wightman

Edinburgh has become rife with sex parties and they’re really loud, a local politician has complained.

MSP Andy Whitman, a Scottish Green Party member for the Lothian region, spoke in the Parliament building about the rise in ‘very audible sex parties’ in the capital.

Whitman claims that the problem is so severe, Edinburgh residents have begun to move out.

He told housing minister Kevin Stewart that people are moving out of buildings where the phenomenon is particularly common, and that in one situation an elderly couple are the only remaining other occupants of a building that frequently hosts sex parties.

This comes just three days after Edinburgh was named Scotland’s friendliest city.

Shame, Edinburgh, shame on you. However, there was no comment from the elderly couple mentioned so who knows, they might be happy with the situation…