How to carry out the ‘Christmas Market Experience’ at home

You’ll never have to spend £4.50 on a cup of mulled wine again!


I love the Christmas Markets. I genuinely love them. The weeks before they arrive fill me with the same sense of anticipation every single year. They make cities look better, they shove the festivities right down your throat so that it is virtually impossible to not feel in the Christmas spirit.

However, I love them so much that in an ideal world I would go to them a few nights a week and eat the nice food, and drink the nice drink, but this simply isn’t feasible as a student as the prices are through the roof.

Here are a few pointers that will help you carry out at least part of the experience in your own home, without having to break the bank.


The first and by far the most easy of all the steps. Sometimes all it takes is a good playlist filled with Christmas songs that set up the perfect atmosphere and really set the tone for December as you wait for Christmas to come.

A solid Christmas playlist if there ever was one.


A paper cup of mulled wine (glühwein, if you may) is £4.50 at the market. FOUR POUND FIFTY. After you’ve been once and had one there, there’s really no way of justifying spending that much on a drink seeing as though at Sainsbury’s you can get an entire bottle for £4.50 and at Tesco you can get an entire bottle for £3.50.

It is so simple to make as well. A matter of simmering it into a pan to warm it up and then it is ready to serve. If you want to go the extra mile then why not throw some slices oranges in there, and if you’re particularly daring then you might throw some cinnamon sticks and some cloves in the mix as well.


Okay, so I’m not even going to try and claim that you can do justice to the bratwursts that you get at the markets. They are fan-bloody-tastic. Although, I did say that this guide would only help you carry out part of the experience in your own home.

I mean, you could just go down the cheaper route and buy some frankfurters and maybe make a batch of onions to have with them, and this would only add to the German Christmas charm that you have been creating so far. So why not?

It’s real love, it’s real.

The Fairground

Take the ‘spinning chairs’ more literally…Go a bit crazy on an office chair and you’ll have a great time, I’m sure.


You can’t forget about Santa Clause of course, so head down to you nearest bargain store and buy yourself a Santa get-up.

This is quite honestly the best £4.99 that I have ever spent, and I think that will remain the case for a long while.

Merry Christmas All x