Official: Vote for your favourite Edinburgh club night of 2016

It’s not about where you go, it’s about when you go

As we come to the end of a disastrous year it seems there’s nothing we can rely on anymore. Politics, sports, zoo-keeping.. It’s all, for lack of a better word, fucked.

Amidst all this uncertainty only one thing still rings true. Out of all the doom and gloom we can still say that one thing’s for sure: nothing beats a uni night out.

The question is – which one? Which Edinburgh night has been your rock through this hard year?

Now’s your chance to vote:

Creme Soda Wednesdays

It’s hard to believe that Creme Soda is only one year old. Started by Edinburgh students, the club, best known for it’s Wednesday nights, has become a staple of Edinburgh nightlife. £1 shots, free t-shirts and lighters – what’s not to love?

Fly Club – Cabaret Voltaire

Fly Club can count 2016 as a good year following the success of their Open Air Festival at the beginning of this semester which saw 9,000 party-goers descend on Princes Street Gardens. Even without the festival, it’s been a good year for them with big names such as Detroit Swindle and Denis Sulta making appearances at Cab Vol’s Friday night.

Flare Mondays – Why Not

While many clubs are changing with the times, Flare Mondays are staying just the same. Probably for the best since Why Not was recently awarded Scotland’s nightclub of the year. Flare remains the choice night for Edinburgh freshers and has probably hit capacity every week of 2016.



Edinburgh’s big spenders. Since it’s conception in 2014, Nightvision has been pulling the big names to Edinburgh from across the world. Tale of Us, Hannah Wants, Jamie Jones, ÂME, and DJ EZ are amongst many of 2016’s top DJs to have performed at Nightvision this year.

Cookie – Hive

Year after year, Hive remains a favourite with all Edinburgh students. Many might find it hard to differentiate between particular nights at Hive (they’re all free and they’re all a blur) but we’ve been told that Cookie, which takes place every Wednesday, is the crowd favourite of Hive nights this year.

Hector’s House – Cabaret Voltaire

Another Edinburgh night that seems to follow the ‘if it ‘aint broke don’t fix it’ formula. Hector’s House remains probably the biggest Tuesday night in Edinburgh. Like Flare, Hector’s is a fresher favourite but definitely has more of a cult following extending up through to fourth years.

Broke – Cav

Appearing in Trainspotting 2, 2016 has been big for Cav. Luckily the filming didn’t get in the way of Broke – Cav’s Friday night. One of Edinburgh’s largest clubs, every Friday sees the venue play host to an eclectic mix; usually, for some reason, with people dressed as pigs.

Big Cheese – Potterow

‘Ol faithful. VK central. Whatever you want to call it Big Cheese will always be a student favourite. It hasn’t been a 2016 without problems for the Cheese though. VK prices have gone up and the smoking area continues to be impeded by the construction work taking place in Bristo Square. Despite this, the SU club remains a choice destination for students on Saturday night.