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‘Offensive’ Edinburgh club night rebrands event after being accused of ‘insulting black culture’

The event was originally called ‘Black Magic’

The Three Sisters is hosting a pub quiz on memes

What in tarnation…

Edinburgh is one the worst universities in the country for free speech

Free speech is actively censored at Edinburgh

Robbie Travers has been blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump

Edinburgh BNOC vs. U.S President Elect

Update: A man has been arrested over the New Town murder

He will appear in court next week

Someone was murdered last night in New Town

It happened on Scotland Street

Official: Vote for your favourite Edinburgh club night of 2016

It’s not about where you go, it’s about when you go

Leonardo DiCaprio has arrived in Edinburgh

Catch him if you can

Edinburgh Wahaca investigated after reported cases of Norovirus

They’re still open

Edinburgh Library has set up mouse traps to fight an infestation

One student had his gingerbread man stolen by a mouse

ECFS Launch Party: Best Dressed

You’re all so fashionable

The trailer for Trainspotting 2 is out: it’s so Edinburgh

They really like Arthur’s Seat

Edinburgh University: We want nap pods

Sign the petition now

Everything we’ve lost since 1st year

We’ve come so far, and lost so much

Parts of Edinburgh are without running water following a burst pipe

How long before we have to start drinking our own urine?

We talked to Edi’s controversial University Challenge captain

Åland or Ireland?

Freshers’ Week: an alternative guide to nights out

Because £40 for a wristband is absurd

Game of Thrones’ Hodor is playing a Freshers’ Week DJ set

He’s actually pretty good too

Trainspotting 2 is filming at Cav

They’re inviting people to come get involved

EUSA President fears it is becoming harder for low income students to come to university

31.5% of Edinburgh students were privately-educated

An Edinburgh student is using Tinder to search for a job

She argues it’s proof she thinks outside the box

Pest control has been called to Hugh Robinson building

Following multiple mouse sightings last week

Edinburgh’s getting free wi-fi starting this summer

Goodbye eduroam

I’m a southerner and I love Tennents

It’s arguably the greatest beer known to man

Engineering third-years were given an exam paper that was unanswerable

There were also typos in every question

The Chrystal Macmillan Building has banned flour and eggs

How are we meant to make cakes?

Edinburgh University wants you to vote to stay in the EU

A vote to leave could put foreign students in an uncertain position

Official: Where’s your favourite place to eat in Edinburgh?

The comprehensive list of everywhere you’ve had a good meal… and Pizza Paradise

EUSA refuses to walk away from NUS despite row over anti-semitism

EUSA doesn’t take anti-Semitism seriously according to Jewish students

Edinburgh a capella group sings Game of Thrones song on top of Arthur’s Seat


Edinburgh beats Oxbridge in new university rankings

Awkwardly, we came lower than Aston

A Tribe Called Quest taught me more than any other artist could

You on point Phife?

Can you guess what someone studies by looking at their room?

There’s definitely no connection between subject and tidiness

Box set binges are bad for your health, according to Edinburgh study

Netflix and kill

Northern Lights spotted over Edinburgh

Look north

EUSA candidates caught up in ‘shocking scandal’

Spoiler: No one gives a fuck

Edinburgh is the fourth most beautiful city in the world

We’re more beautiful than London and Venice

Edinburgh boys release bizarre music video

The song’s pretty catchy as well

Which presidential candidate is your halls?

Who’s feeling the Bern?

Rape-advocating ‘pick-up artist’ organises event in Edinburgh on Saturday

The University Feminist Society is planning a large-scale protest

Edinburgh 2nd most visited city in Britain

We’re coming for you London

Higgs innovation centre being built in Edinburgh

Who doesn’t love Peter Higgs?

I’m at state school but next year I’ll be at Harvard

We spoke to the British child geniuses heading to the Ivy League

‘Anarchy’ as massive power cut hits central Edinburgh

Did you survive?

Can we have Bristo Square back please?

It’s basically the reason we came

Top London restaurants sit ugly people at the back

I should know, I used to work in one

Two Edinburgh students spat at and racially abused in George Square

They were allegedly called ‘terrorist whores’

No jail time for second-year who supplied friend with ecstasy before his death

Alexander Baskhanov gave Ben McLean pills on the night he fell to his death

Why does everyone who studies English hate reading?

It’s their only real skill

Edinburgh is the first city to crack down on legal highs

Eight shops have already handed over substances voluntarily

We tested campus for cocaine to find out how much you sniff

Really, the library quick use computers?

We tried the legal highs that are going to be criminalised, and it got weird

Spice spice baby

BBC shut down campus to film new police drama

And it wasn’t for an Irvine Welsh adaptation

What happened to Edinburgh whip?

Who’d have thought a 24-hour whipped cream business wasn’t stable

Edinburgh Uni ‘stuck in the Middle Ages’ according to RGU chief

We old af

Fury as uni allow homophobic church to lease space in Pollock Halls

‘We want people to feel bad about what they’ve done’

Pollock Halls: Cleaners’ confessions

You bunch of filthy people