WhyNot is hosting a ‘chav-themed’ night. Again

‘£100 cash for the best dressed chav’


WhyNot’s Monday night Flare is again hosting a controversial “chav” themed night, with revelers invited to win £100 for the “best dressed chav”.

The embarrassing event has been running for a number of years and is advertised on Facebook as “legendary” and “one of the biggest” dates in their calendar.

This comes after Edinburgh agrics went on a “working class” social earlier this year, dressing up as “neds and nerds”.

This event doesn’t do much for the Edinburgh uni stereotype, coming just months after staff suggested students spend over £1,000 on graduation clothes, and the Daily Mail labelled us as “society’s new finishing school“.

Read what we said about the return of “chav night” two years ago.

Cover photo credit: Neil Stewart Photography