Edinburgh University to keep tabs on the whereabouts of its staff

They have to report in if they’re not in university buildings or the library


Staff at The University of Edinburgh will now have to keep management informed of their location when they are not in the office.

In a bid to avoid discrimination against employees from outside the EU, Edinburgh University have extended the regulations of Tier 2 and Tier 5 work visas to all of their staff.

This means when staff are not in their usual place of work, including the library and university buildings, they have to report their location to management.


This scheme is already in place for those employees who come from outside the EU. However that number is a relatively small percentage and will now impact all 13,000 of Edinburgh’s employees, turning the bureaucratic into something resembling espionage.

Despite it’s well-meaning motive, the scheme has courted controversy with academics seeing it as “overbearing supervision” rather than an equality motion and many challenging the Home Office’s “oppressive” and “xenophobic” measures.