Library computers set to Chinese and English uninstalled

Anti-social or just plain funny?

Several computers in the library have had their language settings changed to Chinese, and the English language pack uninstalled, meaning the computers are unusable until a library administrator sorts it out.

Library staff said: “Every so often this happens, some students will switch the language of computers and uninstall the previous English keyboard.”

This requires an administrator to come and reset the system on each computer. Any attempt to change the language yourself cycles the language through Mandarin, Japanese, or Korean.

When visiting the library you expect many things, crowded desks, shit coffee, self-inflated library security, but perhaps what you wouldn’t expect to find is a whole row of unused library computers.

Imagine the elation, and the subsequent anger.

Look at how beautiful it is

Whether it’s a practical joke or an annoyingly passive aggressive way of securing a library space, it’s either hilarious or rage-inducing.

The staff themselves seemed unsure as to whether this was an attempt at securing certain spaces in the library or whether some people just think they’re funny in holding up everyone’s day.