We asked how you felt about Zayn leaving One Direction

Devastation everywhere

We asked you whether you were distraught by the news Zayn was leaving One Direction.

Most of you were utterly distraught.

Maya, Fresher English Literature and Matilda Fresher Ancient History and Classical Archaeology


Maya: “I don’t feel for Zayne.”

Matilda: “Yeah, I think I cared more about my split ends last semester.”

Ciaran, Fresher Economics with Finance


“Zayn leaving is the beginning of the end. It’s pretty likely Harry will go solo after their fifth album, and as much as I love Louis, Niall and Liam: they are not strong enough to continue on their own. Sad times for all directioners.”

Roshni, Master’s, International Development


“It’ll make the band more symmetrical I suppose.”

Julian, Fresher Spanish and Linguistics


“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Liam, Fresher Sports Science


“I couldn’t care less.”

Sekheena, second year, Ancient History and Greek


“Good riddance.”

Bea, Fresher Russian and Linguistics


“Which direction?”

Marcie, Fresher Italian and Spanish


“None of them would make it on their own anyway, that’s why they were put in a group in the first place. But hey, if he needs a job I’ve heard Top Gear are hiring.”

Aayush, Fresher International Business


“But now they’re not culturally representative… I think I should step in.”

Jodie, third year Sustainable Development


“I’m heartbroken – I don’t think I’m ever going to listen to music ever again.”

Conner, third year English Literature


“Can everyone just leave me alone and give me some time to grieve?”