DUCK are organising their very own Take Me Out dating show and here is everything you need to know

Looking to be part of the 70%? Tired of lonely nights in isolation? Then, look no further!

Durham University Charities Kommittee (DUCK) are organising a charity dating night in aid of Student Minds and we are obsessed! The event comes to add a little spice to summative season and will be hosted on Valentine’s Day for all of us that are yet to find a date. If the lockdown loneliness has hit you hard, why not sign up to be a contestant or panelist to be in with the chance of finding a date. Get your applications in now to help fundraise for a great cause, you’ll be closer to pulling than you have been all year. If being on the small screen isn’t your thing, keep an eye out for tickets to the livestream to watch your friends shoot their shot.

Although the Isle of Fernando will have to be just a zoom backdrop for now, who knows? You could be holidaying to Butlins with your Take Me Out date in 20 years time, proud members of the 70% club. With all proceeds from the event going to charity, how could you say no likey to that?

How will the event work?

The event will be held via zoom and will consist of a panel of candidates and one contestant. The contestant will be the one that will choose their date at the end of the event. Each individual participating in the event will join in with the fundraising efforts for student mental health charity, student minds.

The event will consist of three rounds, following the same format as the much loved original show. The first round will see the panel presented with a video introduction from the contestant. The second round is definitely worth tuning in for where friends of the contestant expose an embarrassing story about the contestant. At any point in Round 1 and 2, panellists may turn off their ‘light’ to show that they are not interested. Remember, no likey, no lighty! Round three is where the contestant will get the power to choose one person from the remaining panellists to go on a date with. For those that are successfully matched, they will be sent a ‘dating pack’ consisting of date ideas and prizes.

Prizes will be awarded to participants for things from the best chat up line to the most money raised. All prizes have been kindly sponsored by The Chop Shop, Durham Daily Dough and John Snow Baking Society.

After filming, the event will be livestreamed on Valentine’s Day! Tickets are £3 so keep an eye out for their release!

Who will be Paddy McGuiness?

DUCK are renowned for their charity work which must be why they chose second years Simon Corson and Jeremy Page to host the night, but with it being the closest thing they’ve both had to a date in 20 years I’m sure we can expect them to be on top form. Simon and Jeremy will be guiding the contestants through the show and away on their journey of love.

Simon Corson, Hild Bede, History, second year

Any advice for the contestants?

Don’t play it cool, you’re not and they’re not, no one is.

What is your type on paper?

A pleasurable headache.

Describe your ideal date in durham…

The Swan followed by a walk to the cash point, then back to the Swan.

Jeremy Page, Josephine Butler, Classics, second year

Any advice for the contestants?

One piece of advice for the contestant would be not to embarrass yourself, save that for the date.

What is your type on paper?

How long is your piece of paper?

What is your ideal date?

My ideal date would be drinks at The Swan followed by drinks at The Bridges followed by dinner at Spags. We’d start at 4pm and if we made it to pudding i’d be impressed.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a contestant?  Applications are open until 11pm on Sunday.

Let the signet ring meet the finger!