How you can still celebrate Halloween in Durham despite Covid-19

Themed costumes? Check. Carved pumpkins? Check. Haunted night in Jimmy’s? Check.

Halloween this year is looking pretty drab. No trick or treating, no clubbing, no house parties – and, sod’s law, it’s on a Saturday. Even the Strictly Halloween special has been cancelled.

However, there’s no excuse to not celebrate the spookiest season of the year – here are our ideas to still have fun on the 31st.

Club Tables

Okay, so obviously it won’t be quite the same experience as normal. But still, an excellent opportunity to show off your house costume theme, maybe get a Tindur, and feel some semblance of normality. Apparently Jimmy’s is haunted…

House Murder Mystery

From Cluedo to a full on scripted mystery for your housemates to solve, this could be really a really fun way to celebrate if everyone goes all in. Think D&D Dungeon Master crossed with the Orient Express. You could even make it Durham-inspired: was it in Klute with the VK bottle or in the Billy B with the North Face puffer jacket?

Halloween Baking

Pumpkin muffins? Red Velvet ‘vampire blood’ cake? Spider cookies? Need I say more.

Make Your Own Costume Competition

Costumes are obviously a massive part of Halloween – why not give your house the challenge of making them all from scratch? Or if you’d rather avoid the sewing machine, give everyone the challenge of creating a costume on a budget, or from the most eclectic mix of items they can come up with?

Pumpkin Carving

If Tesco’s have any left, grab a pumpkin and get creative. Another great opportunity for some healthy competition among housemates, or pick a theme and create a multi-pumpkin masterpiece.

Decorate the House

Obviously ghost bunting for the kitchen and pumpkin candles galore. Though feel free to go full on haunted house: if you’ve got a costume theme, why not tie it in with a house theme as well?

Halloween Formal

If you’re not already planning to attend a virtual online formal hosted by college, why not host your own! With your house decked head-to-toe in cobwebs and a pumpkin pie in the oven, it’s the perfect setting to penny each other without getting kicked out.

Movie Night

A staple of any Halloween anyway – what better way to spend a Saturday evening than inside from the cold, armed with snacks and blankets, having a movie marathon Halloween style. Think Hocus Pocus, A Quiet Place, Coraline, The Rocky Horror Picture Show…

Scavenger Hunt Around Durham

This one is going to take some effort, but it’s worth it. Get one person to make up a list of clues which lead their friends all around Durham: you can print them out and stick them around Durham or make them virtual if you know how. Even better, your friends from different households can do it (separately) since it’s outside. Something to get everyone out of the house during the day on the 31st, as long as it’s not raining…

However you choose to celebrate it, have a very Happy Halloween!