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BREAKING: Students and staff are planning to occupy the Palatine Centre today

Students and staff marching together is a milestone

After a week and a half of strikes, the industrial action has culminated in students and staff marching together in protest from the Bill Bryson Library to The Palatine Centre.

The aim of the march is to raise the protestors' grievances with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Stuart Corbridge.

Students and staff began gathering at a picket line at 8.30 this morning, and the march commenced at 11am.

One student protestor told The Durham Tab that the march was intended to "raise grievances with the Vice Chancellor." They said: "After that, some student solidarity groups have planned to spearhead entering the Palatine Centre and access the upper floors. We are hoping to bring students and staff together which is a big milestone."

The strikes have caused much disruption over their course, with lectures, seminars and tutorials being cancelled, and some students being left without a point of academic contact in the process of writing summative work.

It is hoped this action will render serious action from the Senior Leadership Team and ensure that both staff and students are appeased through the introduction of better pension safety and improved work and salary conditions for the staff affected.