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Vice-Chancellor Stuart Corbridge to retire next year

The news comes in the midst of exam season and a global pandemic

Quiz: Order a Pret and we’ll tell you what your type is

Are you Pret à pull?

Durham students accused by Parish Council of returning to Durham to party

This is the latest development in tensions between students and Durham residents

This is how old the YouTubers you used to watch as a teenager are now

Danisnotonfire is 28?!

You can download GTA V for free on PC right now, here’s how

The lockdown gods have shined upon us

Matt Hancock has said we can’t hug until a vaccine has been found

Well if we can’t hug we definitely won’t be allowed to bonk

Iconic Big Brother episodes are coming to E4 with narrations from Davina and Rylan

British public please don’t swear

Here is what your favourite UK festivals have said about their plans for the summer

They just officially cancelled Reading and Leeds!

Freshers have faced the worst first year of uni imaginable, and we’re fed up

After two rounds of strikes and now lockdown, we’re yet to see a full term of teaching

Someone’s made a Virtual TNK playlist and I am living for it

I can almost taste the £1 Jägerbombs x

Plans for online courses at Durham University have been reversed

The decision comes after heavy criticism from both students and staff

Durham University proposes plans for fully online degrees

The proposal comes as a response to the current Covid-19 pandemic

Durham Masters student charged with burglaries at Grey College over Christmas

Letters and personal items were stolen in the burglary

These Durham Uni fashion show models are so hot they’re making me sweat

You are not ready

BREAKING: Students and staff are planning to occupy the Palatine Centre today

Students and staff marching together is a milestone

We spoke with the Castle student behind Durham’s ‘Embrace the Waste’ campaign

Listen up and Embrace the Waste people

The Great Big Maiden Castle sleepover officially confirmed as the weirdest social of the year

Freshers were evacuated to MC overnight and it really was the true formative of first term