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UPDATE: In a stunning U-turn, Durfess re-admit Van Mildert to College War despite exec member buying votes

Justice was temporarily served

Update: Durfess has now re-admitted Van Mildert to the competition, removing one thousand votes, in a stunning U-turn from their earlier announcement as detailed below.

Just when we thought today's news couldn't get any bigger, Van Mildert has been disqualified from Durfess's College War after it was confirmed that a member of the college's JCR exec had bought votes.

The decision to disqualify Mildert and allow Cuths straight through to the semi-finals came hours after The Tab Durham argued forcefully against the injustice of the situation.

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In a post on Facebook, Durfess wrote: "We've received strongly convincing and compelling evidence that it was a Van Mildert student who purchased the reactions. Specifically we have conversations and testimony from more than one individual claiming it to have been a member of the executive.

"This evidence has sufficiently compelled us and as such Van Mildert has been disqualified from the Quarter Finals and St Cuthbert's will automatically progress to the next round.

"We estimate that 1,000 reactions were purchased. If we were to remove all such fraudulent reactions then St Cuthbert's would have progressed.

"We will be banning this individual from accessing Durfess, TinDur and Durmeme and more importantly from reacting to any posts whatsoever."

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A large number of unidentified Brazilians

Catriona May, President of St. Cuthbert's Society JCR, earlier called on Durfess to "conduct an investigation into this catastrophic event. The culprit must, and will, be found."

She continued: "Van Mildert are undermining the value of democracy, we have to take this seriously".

Chris West, a third-year Biology student at Cuth's, told The Tab Durham: "Utterly shambolic effort from the bog dwellers, lack of sportsmanship all around quite frankly. After sly tactics from Mary's this is no surprise, snakes don't hiss, they cheat in college wars."