What your choice of post-club Durham take-away honestly says about you as a person

Drunk minds speak sober thoughts…

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We all have our classic stomping grounds when the night is drawing to an end. But did you know that your choice of post-night-out snack station is 100% proven to tell you the deepest darkest desire of your heart? Read on to find out who you truly are.


Probably a first year, who refuses to get past the excitement of freshers' week. You don't mind a wait, or the odd extravagant spend as long – as you get your deep-fried fix at the end of the day.

Paddy's is your way of socialising on a night out, and often it doesn't take long before you've given up on the night and headed for the holy grail, which is Paddy's Chicken Supreme.

Dixy Chicken

Spring chickens

You're a greasy darts player, or failing that, a player.

Like the chicken, you're a seasoned partier. Given the option, you'd choose popcorn chicken on North Road above pop corn in your lonely college bed.

Wok Next

Either an English student and a sucker for a good pun (wok can I say?), or a Geographer and a lover of travel and adventure. Your interest in the exotic globalised pizzas is a calling to your love for those level 1 modules.

Urban Oven

You still cling to your London roots, and spend a lot of your time convincing your friends from home that Durham is a city.

There's certainly a connection between you and the monochromatic interiors of Urban Oven; it's not that you're dull, but your soul is dark.

Being surrounded by alcoholics is where you feel most at home.


The only kind of stretching you need in life

Let's face it, you don't go out at all. Netflix and bed is the epitome of a good night for you. But, you still manage to stay awake until at least 3am and for that you're deserving of that meat-feast; no longer an indulgence, but a necessity.

P.S. Don't forget the garlic sauce.


It's a #subway of life

A sub-standard person, you can't say no to a foot-long (sub), extra jalepenos por favor.

You're the sort of person that needs a safety net – luckily Durham has 3 Subways. Regardless of where the night has taken you, you needn't walk far.

Take off not take away

You're no mug. You're not sticking around, if you haven't found a taxi by this stage in the night, you know there's only one thing to do…

You order delivery and hop on the back as you too are delivered to your door. You like living life on the edge (of a motorbike seat), but that doesn't stop you using others to your full advantage.

In times of great desperation, you forego a midnight snack and head home to indulge in your own stash of chups and dups.