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Vote for Durham’s most cringeworthy couple: The Final

You nominated them, now you decide

After sitting down and spending our entire Valentine's day judging whether couples are cringe or not, we've successfully managed to whittle it down to two very cringeworthy couples.

The following couples received the most nominations and so it's now up to you to decide who deserves the crown: "Durham's Most Cringeworthy Couple".

Have a read below to understand how cringe these pairs really are.

Abi Riley and Martin Andrew, St. Chad's College

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We asked for a photo and they sent this.

Abi and Martin were nominated numerous times for this prestigious title. The loved-up couple who attend St.Chad's are known for making out in the lunch line and going to each other's lectures.

According to an anonymous source Martin has been seen to feed Abi an eclair at dinner.

Our thoughts go out to the poor soul who has to "look at them smiling about the shag they had every morning".

When asked about their nomination Abi and Martin claimed that they are:

"are delighted to have been nominated for this award and our love has grown ever stronger for it. We will have a candlelit dinner and spoon under the starlight in gratitude."

Tom Farrow and Billie Hickson, St John's

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Why do they do this to us?

Tom and Billie having only been together for four months have affected the hearts of many, but not in a positive way.

The pair first shared an intimate kiss in their first Klute experience during freshers week and then swiftly became official after a week.

This coming as no surprise as Tom made it very well known that he wanted a girlfriend at University.

Not only do they regularly 'erg facing' each other, but they will frequently be seen feeding each other pudding at dinner, cringe.

When asked on their nomination Tom and Billie said:

"Basically we were a bit shocked to be nominated but now we're in it we are in it to win it".