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What your choice of Durham café fundamentally says about you as a person

’10/10 accurate’ – a scientist

Of course you like popping into one of Durham's cozy cafés at the weekend, and of course that makes you special – just as special as everyone else. Read on to find out exactly what kind of special you are.

Flat White

You think you're indie, but at heart you're an insta-hoe. After all, those instas won't take themselves.

Like the Londoner you are, you need to get your daily fix of the big smoke – so you head to Flat White for a cup of London Fog.


You're calmer than the River Wear that runs beside the cafe. You seek solitude, but after all, a sugar rush a day keeps the doctor away.

Most likely to be a humanities student, purely based on the odd-angled walls. You feel at home without the need for a protractor.


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Either a Castle student or an 80 year old woman, you stand aloof above the rest.

The narrow and secretive entrance is right up your alley. Just like it, you keep yourself secluded. Yellow walls for a mellow fellow and even better marshmallow hot chocolate.


You are basic.


You're a pasty Northerner

You're either a Northerner or a lost Southerner. Sausage rolls do not count as café pastries.

Life is about function: you appreciate the simple things and not getting ripped off. Statistically speaking, it's probable you're an engineer or a mathematician.

Nine Altars

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Probably a Christian, you dwell in the shadow of the Cathedral. You still live for the night and the Christian Union Club Mission hot choc. You're cute, innocent – but don't like to stray too far from the path.

Pret a Manger

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Ready to eat indeed!

A language student who refuses to take the culture modules.

You're predictable but a safe bet and can be found whenever you're needed, although you don't come cheap (unless you get student discount (20%)).



Just like the coffee, you're weak.

You're not a loner but you don't have many friends – the ones you do have you take to brunch #sistasbeforemistas.


Like the housemate that is never seen, few know about you.


DJ Dave in the house

An avid Jimmy A's fan – you just can't keep away.

Too much time away from the dance floor gives you jitters, hence the need for a strong Americano.

Equally devoted to your studies, you're never too far from Elvet Riverside.


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Some people think you're tacky but you're quality on the inside.

Just like the cafe, you make up for your lacking looks with a comforting personality.