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There will be a candlelit vigil to remember Olivia Burt

It will be held on Monday 12th February


There will be a candlelit vigil held in memory of Olivia Burt, the 20-year-old fresher of University College, who died on the 7th February. It will take place on Monday 12th February at 5pm in the Castle Courtyard.

An email forwarded to students with a message from the Master of Castle said: "At the request of Olivia's family, the vigil is to be a private event for those who knew her".

Owen Adams, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Colleges and Student Experience) sent out an email to all students, forwarding a message from Professor David Held, Master of University College, which said: "The staff and students of University College Durham acutely feel the loss of Olivia Burt.

"Olivia arrived in Durham last autumn to begin reading Natural Sciences. She came to Durham with glowing references from her school where she was regarded in the highest possible terms."

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It continued: "She had an outstanding academic record and was an exceptional sports woman. She was part of the British Sailing team in the European Championships. Olivia sailed for more than a decade, quickly finding her place in the University team. She became very active both in College life and the wider University.

"Those students close to her have lost a wonderful friend, whom in their shock they grieve for, alongside her family and friends.

"The college has lost a bright and outstandingly able student. It is hard to come to terms with her loss, and we will miss her greatly."

Olivia Burt, who was named by the police on Thursday the 8th February, died of serious head injuries in the queue for the Missoula nightclub on Wednesday the 7th February.

In need of support? Remember you can contact the University Counselling Service at 0191 334 2200.