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Uber has finally come to Durham

…and there’s a discount for new users

As of 4pm yesterday, Uber is available for costumers in Durham, the Chronicle reports. The service has already been offered in Newcastle and Sunderland for some time, and has finally come to us due to popular demand.

Initial calculations show that a journey from Durham University to Durham station should cost between £4 and £6, and from Durham city centre to Newcastle Airport around £39 to £53.

Neil McGonigle, Uber’s General Manager for Durham, tells Chronicle Live: “In the last six months, people in the city have opened the app more than 100,000 times in anticipation.

“Starting today, you can use the Uber app to get from A to B at the touch of a button."

Late for a lecture today? Don't despair, there's a discount for new costumers! To get the discount new users should enter ‘DURHAM10’ into the promotion section of their app for up to £10 off their first trip.