Things you’ll only know if you go to St Aidan’s

‘We have pet ducks’


Most Durham students have probably never been to Aidan's, and considering the trek one can't really blame them.

Thing is, they're missing out. Here are the things no one knows about that make Aidan's so special.

Shoes off if you love Aidan's!

Yes at the end of every formal, only a true Aidan-ite would know that it's a custom to sing the college chant standing on top of chairs and waving your shoes above your head.

Aidan's bum

Screw squats and screw a gym membership! The Aidan's lot know that they've got their own personal work out scheduled for every walk home from town – exactly 85 steps of glute work after a long, steep hill to tone those legs.

No ceiling is safe at formals

Those ceiling tiles are always going to get trashed after a formal, no matter how many emails from the Principal we get. Nobody seems to know the culprits, but everyone knows they will strike again and again in their relentless, unstoppable quest for total ceiling destruction.

Corridor politics

Only somebody from Aidan's will be able to uncover some of your personality traits just by knowing what corridor you live on in college. Let's just say that if you're from B Curve…you're party-animal, social-butterfly reputation precedes you.

Fancy dress

Aidan-ites take their fancy dress to a whole new level. It's not good enough anymore to simply order a costume from Luvyababes or Amazon and think that'll do. The only way you'll get real respect at a formal is if your college peers can see effort and creativity. Nobody does fancy dress like Aidan's.

The importance of the rainbow

If you're at Aidan's, one of the first things you'll start associating your college with is the rainbow. Diversity is key and acceptance of that diversity is basically mandatory. Belonging to St Aidan's you will soon learn that open-mindedness is vital in day to day life now and in your future.

We have pet ducks

Unlike Van Mildert, our college pond in the backyard is full of these guys – great company when you're revising outside during exam season!

It's the little things

Despite not knowing when to call it quits with the partying, people at Aidan's sure know how to go out of their way to be thoughtful. From leaving little chocolate eggs outside peoples' rooms at Easter to decorating the corridors with tinsel and fairy lights at Christmas. A little thought goes a long way at St Aidan's.

"There's only one Aidan's College! There's only one Aidan's College! Walking along, singing a song, walking in an Aidan's wonderland!"