JoBo student locked into the Bill Bryson overnight

What doesn’t kill you makes you go viral


… At least in the Durham area.

When Soufiane Taleb, a second year JoBo student, posted on Facebook that he was stuck in the Billy B over night, his post quickly got over 300 likes.

Soufiane told The Tab he had ‘walked into the locked entrance doors’ and ‘that was when the complete darkness and not having seen anyone for hours clicked.’

His Facebook post asked for ideas on how to spend his time until the morning, in answer to which students encouraged him to break all social conventions by taking naps and bringing food past the reception.

When asked about what happened next Soufiane said:

‘The plan was to hide pictures of Shia LaBeouf under the loo lids, but sadly my singing as loud  as I could next to the “Shh!” sign and the automatic lights going on and off as I searched for trapped comrades attracted  a security guard’s attention’. The trapped student was saved after five hours of solitary confinement.

Soufiane found that the sofas are comfortable, and says as long as you have food it’s all fab.

He added ’10/10 would get locked in again.’