Two Durham students are kayaking across the Atlantic to Miami

They’re expecting many sleepless nights

Two Durham boys are about to embark on an epic three month expedition in search to become the first British team to kayak 1900 miles from Grenada to Miami.

George Parry from Hild Bede and Will McCreadie from Collingwood are going on the adventure to raise money for charity.


The grueling and dangerous task will expose them to fatigue, dehydration, heat exhaustion, seasickness and sleep deprivation.

The charity that they are raising money for is the Get Exploring Trust, of which they are the Founders.



The charity aims to inspire people from all backgrounds to get outdoors and push themselves physically and mentally on microadventures, training schemes and outdoor activities.

Alongside this the trust can provide small to medium sized grants for those needing financial support to achieve their goals.


When asked what inspired them to go on this adventure they said: “We wanted a big challenge. A chance to inspire people to face their own challenges whatever the shape or size.

“Effectively something that would turn heads and interest people in supporting our charity.


“We try and do a different expedition every year. The last couple of years we’ve done a tough guy marathon, a London to Barcelona bike ride and toured Iceland, doing some ice climbing along the way.

“The last 8 months have seen a huge amount of training with 5:30am gym sessions three times a week and some kayaking in Southampton and Croatia.


“We’re hugely limited by the lack of space on the boat, so sunglasses and hats are essentials. Desert island wise we have our Hennessy hammocks, needed for recovery times!”

There are many grueling sessions that they will have to get through, including a 90 mile crossing to Turks and Caicos, one of their stops on the way.

“Sleep deprivation will be insane and it takes around 36 hours. It’ll be hard to carry enough water and food, alongside factors such as high seas, sunlight and strong winds over such a long time period.”



On what they’re most looking forward to once the journey is complete, they simply said “a cold beer in Miami”

If you want to track the boys’ location or learn about the charity please read more here.