Durham has the second worst SU in the country

HOW much are we paying those sabbatical officers?!

Students at Durham are the second least satisfied with their SU according to the National Student Survey.

Only 43 per cent of students voted that they were happy with the services provided by the students’ union. The average was 70 per cent satisfaction, indicating that the Durham SU is not meeting the needs of students.

Taking the top spot is Sheffield with 96 per cent, the only uni that are less pleased with their SU is Oxford, where only 34 per cent of people claimed to be content with their students’ union.

This offers at least some solace to the fact that the typical Durham student didn’t get into Oxford – where everyone knows we originally wanted to go.

Adding insult to injury, the university ranked above Durham is Oxford Brookes, where 43 per cent of students are satisfied with their SU.