We asked you what the most useless Durham degree is

Just do Biology instead

We all secretly judge some of our friends for wasting their life on a meaningless degree. But which course is the most worthless of them all?

Sophie, 19, First Year, Castle, English Lit12656319_10154071935477847_247561203_o

“Sociology, because I don’t know what it is.”

Margherita, 18, First Year, Hatfield, Politics and Philosophy12674727_10154071935422847_937384320_o“Geography: the maps have already been drawn.”

Emily, 19, First Year, Van Mildert, Sociology12699098_10154071934337847_1535612919_o“Combined Social Sciences, why can’t people just choose one subject and stick to it?”

Georgia, 18, First Year, Mary’s, Combined Social Sciences12696713_10154071934232847_341342210_o-1“Sport Science. My friend had to write a really simple essay. I mean really simple, it was like a GCSE essay.”

Wilfred, 18, First Year, Castle, Geography12656267_10154071935487847_1043787635_o“Geography is a non-subject. You start off broadly and end up specializing in someone else’s subject. It’s shit. “

Ellie, 19, First Year, Mary’s, International Relations12669329_10154071934177847_1384798562_o-1“Classics, because it’s dead.”

Jarl, 20, First Year, Cuth’s, Combined Social Sciences12674806_10154071934377847_244878459_o“Sociology. Just study Biology instead.”

Chiara, 19, First Year, Hatfield, PPE12698926_10154071935442847_1419087155_o“Geography, they don’t even have that in Italy where I come from. “

Erin, 18, First Year, Cuth’s, French and Spanish12695318_10154071934142847_1226765936_o-1“Who would ever do Theology?”

Dorian, 20 Second Year, Mary’s, Sciences12675165_10154071935467847_783910492_o“I feel like Anthropology always gets mistaken for Archeology, and it doesn’t require you to think because it’s all intuitive.”