Durham has the ‘most affordable’ houses but living-in fees WILL rise


Durham is now the most affordable place to live and buy property in England and Wales. But the uni WILL raise accommodation fees. 

After an investigation by Johnny Morris, head of residential research at Countrywide, our city was found to be the most affordable across two nations.

The average salary here is just £24, 840, and the average house is just three times the average salary. Compared with the bright lights of London where the average property is a whopping £506,724.

Durham students however won’t benefit from such great news. Rent is typically around £100 a week for a room in a private property, and livers-in will be whacked by the uni next year.

The University will hike fees for living in by a massive 3.5 per cent, despite lobbying from the DSU and Durham groups opposed to price increases.

At the time Harry Cross, who led the campaign to freeze accommodation fees, said: “It is unconvincing that the cost of providing college accommodation to students has risen by 3.5%. Students see the University’s official explanations of these rent hikes as a charade.”

The new data revealing how cheap Durham is, will heap more pressure on the university after their price hike was slammed by students.

IMG_9519Many pointed out what the new £7000 annual fee is equivalent to. In fact the shocking amount is equivalent to the cost of a boob job – with cash left over for liposuction.