Mark Hillery and his unlimited card returns to cause chaos in Collingwood Bar

The bar was five rows deep

Mark Hillery, the legendary Collingwood alumni, caused mayhem in the college’s bar tonight.

The classic donor returns annually and provides a free bar for all that show up.

Last year the Wood blew threw £10,000 worth of booze, while this year bar staff claimed his card had been handed over without any stipulations.

Initial reports are the bar has taken £3,000 in an hour and a half, and the most popular drink has been double grey goose and red bull.

Hector Judd, a third year Natural Scientists, told The Tab: “Free pints, I’m not going to say no. I came all the way from Hallgarth.”

At points the bar, one of the biggest on campus, had queues of five row deep.

Mark Hillery was giving a speech to the college about getting involved in the financial sector.

Thousands of drinks were handed out, with the intention of one drink per person, but the reality was organised chaos.

Livers-out schlepped across Durham for the Holy Grail of student living: the free booze.

There was no limits on what was on offer with freshers gorging themselves on double Grey Gouse and a VK in a pint glass.

Harry Cross, a third year Law student, said: “Mark is a crazy guy.”