Locals know how to have more fun than us

‘Durham is full of piss’eds’

Everyone knows locals hate students. We thought it’s because we’re all posh and from Surrey, but turns out it’s because we don’t know how to party.

Beth, 20

IMG_4287What do think of Durham nightlife?

I fucking love Durham, it’s fucking full of piss’eds.

What’s your favourite night out in Durham?


Where do you normally go out?

Newcastle, it’s boring here. Lloyds is full of chavs.

What’s Fabios full of?


Embarrassing night out story?

I was dancing to Uptown Funk and my tit fell out. I’ve been sick over a taxi driver and him (points at friend) on his birthday, he had to pay £100 for the taxi. And then he rung the ambulance cause I knocked myself out on the floor.

Most shocking scene in a Durham club?

Someone fingering someone on the dance floor in Loveshack.

What do you drink on a night out?

Captain Morgan and cocktails.

What do you normally wear when you go out?

Nothing…a velcro suit…anything that shows my tits. I like to wear crocs on a night out.

Have you been out with your mum?

No I’ve been out with my Nanna.

Cameron, 20


Favourite Durham night out?

Probably Fabios. Bit of Lloyds.

Embarrassing night out story?

I took my shirt off in front of everyone and I didn’t care. I usually end up showing my third nipple at some point.

What do you drink?

Heineken, that’s my poison. I just had a White Russian.

Durham vs Newcastle?

Compared to Newcastle it’s nothing but Durham is more personal, Durham’s alright.

If you had to choose?

Rock paper scissors me… Durham then.

What’s your going out outfit?

Dark jeans, suede shoes. I’m from the North so I don’t bring a coat, aye.

Have you ever gone out in heels?


Sophie, 21


Favourite night out in durham?

Lloyds on a Saturday night. Fabs is just pres for us, we’ve been to Boathouse, then Fabios then Lloyds.

Embarrassing night out stories 

I was really really drunk once and I was being sick on the stairs outside of Slug and Lettuce and while I was being sick, Ricky from Geordie Shore walked past and I was too busy being sick to know that it was him. My friend just told me in the morning.

Normally go out with?

Usually like a mixed group, friends from college and friends from school.

Durham vs Newcastle 

I personally prefer Durham, I just like a smaller place, you know where if I go out for a tab you know people to speak to. And just to be able to go out on the dance floor and see someone you know.

Are heels essential?

Yes if its a big night, I’m wearing heels tonight. Its my 21st so I’m wearing big uncomfortable heels. Usually I’d go for heels that are comfortable or flats, yeah or wedges.

Brad, 22


Favourite Drink?

Gin and tonic, make it a double gin and tonic.

Durham vs Newcastle?

Newcastle, but Durham is cool, the boathouse…Hello?!

What do you normally wear on a standard night out?

A suit, of course. I don’t wear a tie.

Who do you normally go out with?

The lads.


Top banter. Lads, muscles, protein shakes.

Embarrassing night out stories 

I gave someone a blow job on the rowing team.

Matthew (and Aaron), 21

IMG_5767Favourite Night out in Durham?

We usually do Fabios then Lloyds. So we start at Fabios at about 9.30. We do Lloyds after that.

Embarrassing night out stories?

When I’d just turned 18 I went out with vodka in my crotch because I was trying to save money and I got so drunk that, you know the people in the luminous jackets, who are like the stewards, I was passed out on the floor and a steward went “oh can I help you?” And I said “yeah you can have sex with me?”.

And then my friends mum picked me up and I was saying very awkward and disrespectful things to her, asking her to have sex with me as well. I wasn’t allowed back into Lloyds for a month.

Where do you go on a Saturday?

Its not very often I go out on a Saturday but if I do, it’s Lloyds.

When do you start pre-ing?

Whenever the house party starts about 7ish usually.

Funny night out story? 

We went into the disabled toilet, and there was this guy who was shirtless, and they were having sex in the disabled toilet. That was Thursday night.

What do you drink?

Vodka diet coke and alcopops.  I don’t drink beer, lager, cider anything. I’m soft, I’m very very soft.

Who do you normally go out with?

My friends, school friends. I’ve known these guys since I was 11.

Durham vs Newcastle

I think they’re very very different. I have agoraphobia so I don’t like large crowds, I went out in Newcastle and had a really shit time because it was packed.

Dominic, 22


What do you drink?

Just a couple of lagers then jagerbombs.

Who do you go out with?

The lads.

Favourite night out in durham? 

Just the locals, like Fabios and Yates’. I used to go to Lloyds and Loveshack but I’m trying to expand my parameter. I want to go somewhere else.

Funny night out stories?

My mate always falls over, and I asked her if she’s alright, she said “No, I need another drink”.