Five third years went to the new Bond film dressed in tuxedos

They were given free tickets

Five third years went to the opening of the new James Bond film last night dressed in tuxedos.

Deciding that for such a prestigious occasion normal clothes just aren’t quite good enough, the Durham finalists donned the well worn suits to the first screening of Spectre in an Odeon in Newcastle.

For the first time, the film was being shown around the country at the same time as the London premiere, making these lucky boys some of the first in the world to see the film.


Any excuse…

Hatfield third year Charlie Capel told The Tab: “It all went way better than we thought it would actually. We only did it for a laugh.

“We were all nervous initially because we didn’t know what sort of reaction we’d get, but the reception was pretty good.”


Kind of like a real red carpet

Geordie Bond fans even applauded the group of wannabe 007s.

Charlie added: “Some people started clapping us, while others just started humming the bond theme. We had a few dirty looks, but then again we were in the Metrocentre in tuxedos.

“Odeon really went all out for the occasion, there was a red carpet, and we all got souvenir tickets and posters. I was disappointed we didn’t get a shout out, but we did get five free cinema tickets for looking dapper, which was pretty awesome.”


The lads got free tickets for ‘looking dapper’

But it wasn’t the suave evening they dreamed of.

“The idea came just from chatting about the event. We were going to go as individual Bond characters but no one fancied the cocktail dress, scuba suit, or tiny swimming trunks.

“Everyone wanted the Tux so we just all went as that.

“Unfortunately there wasn’t anywhere to get a martini, and I wasn’t paying £5.20 for a Gin and Tonic.”