Bang out of order: Grey condom machines broken

‘We strongly recommend you check the date on them before use’

Frustrated Grey students looking for relief will have to buy contraception elsewhere — because the condom machines are out of order.

The college was forced to send out an emergency email alerting everyone the johnnie dispensers have broken down.

They also “strongly recommend” everyone to check the dates on any condoms recently bought from the machine before use.

The explosive email

The explosive email

The email said: “We are sorry but the condom machines in college will be out of order until further notice.

“If you have bought any condoms from the condom machines recently, we strongly recommend that you check the date on them before use.”

Grey second year Faith Bryer-Ash, 19, said: “If you’re stupid enough to use condoms from a laundry machine then it serves you right if they’re out of date.”

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