Tab election poll: Durham digs Dave

How is everyone else in your college voting? We’ve got the facts


Durham is dedicated to the Tories – 37 per cent of those voting in the city are backing power couple David and Sam Cam’s re-entrance to Number 10.

Bacon-munching Ed Miliband has fallen behind, taking a third of the Durham vote while the Lib Dems are far from the promised land with just 8 per cent.

Charismatic pint-pulling Farage’s UKIP has clenched 3 per cent of the vote.

Best to just brush over the recent controversies over their Sedgefield candidate then.

Summative stress seems to have made 1 per cent of Durham students lose their minds, pinning their hopes on no-hoper Jon Collings.

The controversial candidate may be lucky to keep his deposit. Let’s just hope no-one else has any money riding on his success.

In an interesting twist, Jo Butler boasts both the most Labour and UKIP supporters. Maybe being so far from Tesco gives them more time to pontificate on politics.

Surprisingly, über-posh Hatfield has the most Green supporters. Maybe saving the planet will make them feel better about their parent’s massive paychecks.

24 per cent of Durham students are opting for the time honoured carrier pigeon method, letting their vote be carried back to the Home Counties. Those students are feeling blue, with 51 per cent of them backing the Tories.

With just over twenty four hours before the polls closed, the undecided 5 per cent of students voting in Durham need to make up their mind. This isn’t some essay you can bullshit, this is the future of our country.

The results in full

568 respondents, 76 per cent voting in Durham City, 24 per cent voting elsewhere.


37% Conservative
34% Labour
13% Green
8% Liberal Democrat
1% Jon Collings
5% Undecided


51% Conservative
26% Labour
9% Green
6% Liberal Democrat
2% Other
2% Undecided