Welfare team warning: ‘Don’t walk home alone’

After a spate of incidents, colleges are urging students to stay safe at night

Welfare teams across colleges have been advising students to stay safe on nights out.

Hild Bede president Kirsty McLaren sent out an email on Monday to all Hild Bede students warning them about the dangers of the tow path at night.

After an incident last week involving a student’s safety as well as multiple river safety tragedies last year, colleges are urging students to avoid the area and walk home in groups.

The tow path cordoned off last week

McLaren says: “these incidents can be avoided and all risks minimized by using alternative routes home” and walking in groups makes you less susceptible to targets.

Hatfield has sent out four similar emails, with more focus on walking home in groups, especially back towards the viaduct.

Framwell gate bridge closed after a body was found in early September

Each college welfare team are providing attack alarms for students during drop in sessions.