Cuth’s singing starlet drops new tech problems banger

Zoe Robinson is back with a vengeance


Scroll down for video.

You might remember her for her Miley Cyrus a capella mash-up/parody last year which got picked up by the likes of NME.

Rocking out with her hammer

Now Cuth’s student, Zoe Robinson, has returned to YouTube with another ridiculously catchy a cappella composition about first world technology problems. After being uploaded for only a few days the video had already been picked up by Elite Daily and radio station Red FM.

Not a happy bunny

My roommate and I went travelling a couple of months ago,” Zoe told The Tab.

“We’d been staying in hostels, but for one night treated ourselves to a luxury hotel. We heard people by the pool complaining that there were no sockets to plug their phones in outside, and my roommate said “you could write a song about that”. So I did.

“All credit goes to Jordan Bailey.”

Zoe’s biggest tech moan is “the fact that phones aren’t waterproof. I took mine in the shower because I’m an idiot and it’s never been the same since…

Her other peeves include “when you’re in a hot country and the Air Con makes the room too cold – nightmare.”

Zoe also did another video a couple of months ago about being drunk, inspired by student drinking experiences.

“The main reason why people think that song is so accurate is because it’s entirely based on real life experiences,” she said.

“I think my parents were pretty concerned about the content, but I had to go and do my research for the song…”

Zoe is modest on the topic of her viral success. “I really don’t get that many hits in comparison to a lot of YouTubers, but I’ve been lucky that a few magazines have taken an interest,” she said.

“I think people just enjoy the fact that I mock everyday life situations.

What’s next for Zoe?

“A song about problems with being a girl will be out in September.”

We can’t wait.

You can watch both The First World Problems Song and The Drunk Song below: