How to dress edgy

It seems Durham is emerging as a city of fashion phenomena. Despite ‘rahs’ being the most hated social group, they seem to be springing some rather unusual style sensations in. It seems that ‘edgy’ has travelled to the North, but what does such a word mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, the word ‘edgy’ links to ‘hipster’ and ‘weird’, two words that we all, deep down, aspire to become. BUT, it seems some of Durham’s students are already over the edge. (Check out NOVA or Gospel Project for a full description of ‘edgy.’) So if you’re looking for the ‘talk to the hand cause the face ain’t listening’ look, you can’t be standing on the cliff of couture – you need to be free, wild and hanging right off the edge. The only way is edgy, and here is how:

1. The ‘Mulan’ look (boys only)

Not quite long enough for the bun…yet

Remember the warriors in the classic Disney film, Mulan? The incredible hunk of a handsome man that Mulan pulls? Well it seems Disney isn’t just a childhood thing. Although we might not be strutting around in princess’ dresses, Disney has significantly influenced our fashion world. Leo DiCaprio has recently been spotted rocking the bun look and you can too. If you want to ‘be a man’ then ‘get down to business’ and flaunt that man bun. Top knot? So hot.

2. Flip Flops

Rain or shine, winter or summer, flip flops are the new ‘in thing’ in Durham. Everybody knows how difficult it is to put on shoes, and tying laces was so last season. If it’s raining, no problem, flip flops are waterproof and your feet will soon dry off. After all, your feet clearly need a good airing. So flaunt those toes and you’ll be reeling in the hoes. Word of warning however, avoid anyone with a foot phobia.

3. The DJ

Double the denim, double the fun

No, I’m not talking about the dinner jacket we are all so used to at our ridiculous number of formals and balls. This is a must-have in Durham. A top of the list trend: the denim jacket. But, if you want to be truly ‘edgy’, the jacket shouldn’t fit. For extreme edge your jacket should preferably be 4 sizes too big for you. If you’re feeling the D, go for double denim. Risky, but incredibly frisky.

4. Too edgy for clothes

Oh, so you’re really edgy? Please continue to go against societal norms.

Want to be the epitome of edge? Throw those clothes right over the edge and make a trip to Tesco, not Topshop. Cling film, newspapers, bin bags? Or alternatively take stash to the edge. Durham posters, leaflets and booklets. Check out your freshers pack and be creative. Being edgy is all about standing out and there is no better way to do this other than wearing what has never been worn before. This look is inspired by the Queen of edge, Lady Gaga. Being on the edge of glory, she’s been known to wear meat, cans of pop and bubbles.

5. The Cut

So edgy it hurts

This look truly is cutting-edge. The ‘edgy’ trend can be seen as a development from the infamous ‘emo’ style and what better way to celebrate this fashion but with knives and scissors? Cutlery is the latest couture and knives can be a beautiful way to accessorise. So forget those oh so old cross necklaces and tie a pair of scissors round your neck, or get that cutting edge look by cutting your keys for an extra set of jewels. Slightly satanic perhaps, but the devil does wear prada after all. If you are planning on wearing this look to Klute after exams, it may be best to invest in some child safety scissors or a plastic knife, just to prevent any potential drunken danger. So, this summer’s style is all about being well and truly over the edge. Enjoy.