CAUTION: Durham in danger as crime rises

Should Durham students still feel safe on their nights out? Or even in their own rooms?

Durham used to have the UK’s second lowest university crime rate, falling just behind Aberystwyth. However, due to recent events, Durham’s safety is in question.

Recently Durham students have been under threat of theft, burglary, and unwanted drugs.

Durham Uni Police have been urging students via a (very amusing) Twitter campaign to keep a more careful eye over their items by locking their doors or security marking their bikes.

The most shocking news is how unsafe Durham students should feel on a night out. Recently, there have been several reports of students having their drinks spiked at Klute.

One girl spent all night at hospital with a friend and commented that the doctors have said that they have had a multitude of girls coming from Klute under the influence of these unwanted drugs.

Drug nicotine patch branded a “new and dangerous development”

What is even more horrifying for students is that there has been a report of a Hatfield student that has had a patch, similar to that of a nicotine patch, placed on her at Klute.

The student believes that she absorbed the drugs into her system this way. Hatfield has commented that this is a “new and dangerous development.”

The increase of burglaries are also cause for concern. Bikes have been reported stolen from the science site, Sutton Street, and the Viaduct area. The Police are encouraging students to lock their D lock and have them security marked.

Don’t forget your D(D) locks!

Thefts from colleges have also increased. One first year Hild Beder, who had their laptop stolen, said the college “would rather pretend it hasn’t happened.”

He was told “you shouldn’t have left your laptop out,” despite it being behind a locked door and closed windows on the second floor.

His concern is more for the lack of security in colleges, rather than his missing laptop (because, this being Durham, his spare macbook was at hand) saying that the only security is a solo night porter who “looks as if the last thing he managed to catch was the flu in 1978.”

“They stole my laptop? Oh well, I’ll just use my spare”

Be aware Durham, you have been warned.