TabGuide: Surviving the All-Nighter

As summative season looms and your DAYS are taken up with un-degree-related happenings, SERENA GOSLING takes you through the things you need to survive the NIGHTS of degree-related terror in Bill B…

Let’s be honest, as students, time management is not one of our strong points. Last-minute summative stress is a staple of the student diet. Normally, we pull a productive day out of the bag just before the deadline, but sometimes even this fails and the only option left to us is the all-nighter. For those who have not yet experienced this 18-hour panic session I have a few tips to ensure that, when your time comes (because it inevitably will), the stint in Bill goes exactly to plan…

Coins. Coins. Coins.

When pulling an all-nighter, any thought to healthy eating goes out the window. The YUM venders dispense a plentiful supply of chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks and coffee, all essential aspects to any productive all-night stretch. However, these summative-saving machines require an abundance of change to feed their hungry interiors, so make sure your pockets are well stocked, producing that satisfying chink with every move you make.

A necessity.

Upbeat Music.

The odd break is a must in the all-nighter, and what better to fill it with but some fast-paced, exciting music? As it’s 4am not many people will be around so, for maximum benefit, rave along in your seat like it’s any average Wednesday night at Loveshack. After a few songs, you will be more than ready to crack on. Repeat this process every couple of hours for maximum productivity.

One-woman rave

A toothbrush.

With all the chocolate you’ll be consuming, this really is essential if you want to prevent plaque build-up. Plus, you’ve got to think of your 10am tutorial with the fit one from Hild Bede.  As if the sight of you snoring away on the desk after your trauma of a night wouldn’t already be unattractive enough, you don’t want to subject them to the awful stench emanating from your mouth as well, or they’ll never sit next to you again. Period.

She’s got the right idea…


Whilst you’re feeling stressed and miserable about your 9am deadline, you’re also secretly ecstatic at the prospect of being considered a ‘work rebel’ by your friends. They are all nicely tucked up in bed, summatives ready for hand-in, but here you are, slaving away. Just so everyone knows your current badass standing, a 3am snapchat added to your story is a necessity, as well as sent to a few choice friends to ensure they are fully informed of your dissident status.

Utter reb.

Dunelm Energy Drinks

I don’t know what’s in them and, quite frankly, I don’t want to. But they avoid long, procrastinating coffee breaks, have minimal calories and it’s 3 for 80p! Take one every two hours and you’ll be buzzing throughout the night.

Concentrated Caffeine (and other substances)

Work in a computer room.

Two words. Wheelie chairs. Ordinarily, these could cause endless hours of procrastination but, due to the impending doom that is your deadline, you know this won’t happen. Combine cracking out the tunes every two hours  with wheeling back from your desk and spinning for ultimate enjoyment.

Lost it.

Anything we’ve missed? How do you get through your all-nighter? Let us know in the comments!