Merry Christmas from the tab

The Tab’s Durham team are at home eating right now, but you can keep track of the latest student antics on

The students of Durham have headed home but fear not, our peerless team of student journalists will be back in time for term 2.

The latest crazy antics, edgy features and hard-hitting opinions can still be found over the holiday by visiting

The five biggest articles from term 1:

1. Police attempt to identify body as that of Sope Peters

2. Freppin fantastic 2013

3. Tinder-licious Icebreakers: the best and worst tinder chat up lines

4. Zoe Robinson’s acapella of Miley Cyrus

5. The hunks and the hunnies: Durham’s sexiest alumni

If you want to write for the Tab then we’d love to hear from you, we’re huge in Namibia and we’re always on the lookout for new talent.

No experience is necessary and no hacking is required, we just want people who are keen, fun and looking forward to getting stuck in.