‘Fresh Meat’ hit Durham for Comic Relief

The cast of tv show ‘Fresh Meat’ take on tricycle racing for Comic Relief in Durham’s Castle

Jack (in the pheonix head and tracksuit, of course) and Zawe race around the bend

DUCK organised the first tricycle race to be held in Durham since 1963 where a 12-hour race took place on Palace Green. This year Comic Relief and DUCK welcomed Jack Whitehall and members of the cast of ‘Fresh Meat’ to the Castle courtyard for a shorter version consisting of a 7-laps… harder than it sound on miniscule tricycles.

Teams were set up and funny headwear encouraged as heats ran in the morning to determine those worthy of racing with the comedians.

Jack Whitehall and the cast rolled in just after 10am and a comedy-match-made-in-heaven began as The Durham Revue’s Stef Jones welcomed Jack with a big hug, like the best of friends she is sure they will be: “I may just fall down at his feet and weep”.

Jack Whitehall and Stef Jones greet each other as kindred spirits

After some ‘classic uni banter’ the race ensued. With a bit of extra help, and a few sabotage attempts the laps were completed and the end result was Zawe Ashton’s team in 1st place, Kimberley Nixon’s in 2nd and Jack Whitehall’s finishing 3rd. Unsurprisingly as his team had to race wearing a phoenix mascot head.

Kimberley and Jack fight for the lead

Jack Whitehall sacrifices himself in an attempt to block the other team

Giving an encouraging slap to his teammate

The cast battle it out

It was all for a good cause and despite the chilly morning both racers and spectators enjoyed the event and hopefully a lot of money was raised.

Watch the race here: