Freppin’ Fantastic

Freps across Durham have been busy dancing, running races and filming all the drama from Freshers’ Week… Vote for your favourite college frep film now!

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They say it’s the most mentally and physically exhausting week of your life. . . and now we know why! Freps across Durham were busy doing dances, running races and filming all the drama from Freshers’ Week. . .

This term’s favourite ‘Gangnam Style’ has taken Durham by storm. Freps from GREY filmed their own entertaining version of the song:

Durham student Alex Morgan, tasked with presenting a new documentary on the history of student life in Durham, popped by HATFIELD and stumbled across the following gem; another Gangnam Style dance, fully choreographed and complete with a man dressed as a lion!

AIDAN’S put together an Olympic torch relay through Durham, which was then played at their Olympic formal where the president lit their very own flame:

MARY’S fresher’s week film is a mix-up of neon nights, klute antics and matriculation madness:

After escaping from the zoo, COLLINGWOOD’S mascot makes it home to ‘paradise‘ just in time for Fresher’s Week:

And finally, an insight into VAN MILDERT’S preparation, freshers week and yet another wonderful Gangnam Style parody…

So which college wins? Vote for your favourite frep film now!