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Second Row duo Josh Beaumont and Matt Steele lift the lid on changing room habits

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Second Row engine room Steele and Beaumont have a few digs at their team ahead of finals day on Wednesday


Name: Matthew Steele
Year: 3rd
College: cuths
Position: 2nd row


Who is:

Best Trainer? – Dan Holmes

Worst Trainer? – Duncan Finnie

Most Skilful? – Mike ward

Best Bant? – anyone but Harrison collins

Strongest? – Carl Carson

Fastest? – Tom shiel

Brightest? – Dave Haigh

Dimmest? – Harrison Collins

Worst Lid? – Jack Pat

Worst Dress Sense? – James Hallam

Worst Dancer? – McCulla

And: Who has the biggest tackle? – Josh Beaumont

Name: Josh Beaumont
Year: 2nd
College: Aidans
Position: 2nd Row

Who is:

Best Trainer? – James Hallam

Worst Trainer? – Tom Shiel

Most Skilful? – Mike Ward

Best Bant? – Josh Bayford

Strongest? – Shane Gahan

Fastest? – Matthew Steele

Brightest? – Tom Shiel

Dimmest? – Harrison Collins

Worst Lid? – Jak Pattinson

Worst Dress Sense? – Jak Pattinson

Worst Dancer? – Josh Beaumont


And: Who has the biggest tackle? – Danny Danny Holmes


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