What does your college motto say about you?

‘We take life as we find it, and make of it what we can’

An online creep stole my photos to make a fake Tinder profile

They sent super gross messages like ‘horny?? Xx’

Nubile young coeds receive filthy email from Hatfield welfare

They’ve come up with a novelty way of relieving summative stress

Police launch controversial ‘Dead Drunk’ campaign to help you get home safe

It’s been branded ‘tasteless’

Style Diary: Josh

We followed this guy around for a week because we thought he looked cool…

Freshers’ Guide: What not to wear to lectures

Just in case you were going to turn up looking like a tit…

Best Dressed: DSU Freshers’ Fair

As the new year begins, BETH BALKHAM heads to the DSU Freshers’ Fair to find some of Durham’s most stylish girls.


BETH BALKHAM’s handy guide to all the trends this summer.

Summer Street Style

Thanks to the gorgeous sunny weather we’ve been having, town was teeming with tiny shorts this week. EMILY BENTON takes to the streets, this time to spot some of Durham’s most marvellous examples of Summer fashion.

Player of the week: Diego Melendez

Diego Melendez has been a big name in the Durham Saints this season. We fired some questions at the man from Mexico City…

Hatfield Charity Fashion Show 2014

FLO PERRY went to the Hatfield Charity Fashion Show – scroll down for video.

Welcome to TheGoodLife

There’s a new website in town that’s drumming up a lot of hype. We sat down with founder and Durham student, Richard Meaney, to chat about what the future holds. Welcome to TheGoodLife.

Fencers go for gold

Durham’s fencers have had an unprecedented season of some serious success. They’re now looking to go harder and smash the individuals and the cup, with a social or two thrown in…

DULTC do the double

DULTC’s men and women have won the Northern Prem, meaning we’ve got a double on our hands. The scenes on-court are simply sensational.

Team of the week: Butler C Darts

Their naked calendar contribution certainly caused a stir, the reverberations from which are still being felt across Durham. Now, insider, The Owl, lifts the shlid on the infamous Butler C.

Player of the Week: James Priest

We speak to the Butler C Darts captain, James Priest, who’s our player of the week. Having won the premiership last season amid sensational scenes, he’s been the main man for the team.

TabTries: the Voto

Voto. 1. Noun – A video taken with the intention of exposing the subjects’ assumption that it’s a photo. 2. Verb – to take a video whilst telling people it’s a photo, resulting in hilariously cringeworthy facial twitching.

Every man needs his pair of meggings

Term has begun, Klute is calling, but what can you wear? For the ladies leggings have seen their day but for guys the megging trend has only just begun.

Lucrative Lindisfarne Gospels Generate £8.3 Million

The Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition, which closed just before the start of Michaelmas Term, managed to generate an impressive £8.3 million for the local economy.

Durham’s Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Working your wardrobe to survive the northern winter