Sport Stereotype: A Saint.

After the excitement of the Super Bowl, THE ONE brings you this week’s stereotype: Durham Saints (that’s our American Football team).

America BUAFL bucs Diva Harvard Social

Most likely to spend their time: Watching ESPN at antisocial hours, whilst recording “The Longest Yard” in between Playstation stints on NFL Madden 

Most likely to be wearing: Their shoulder pads beneath generic Harvard sweatshirts.

Most likely to be eating: Anabolic steroids to counteract daily super-sized American meals.

Most likely to be drinking: Gatorade

Most likely college to be in: They thought college meant Durham University itself so completely not applicable.

Most likely to be reading: "Moving The Chains: Tom Brady and the Pursuit of Everything." Or the TV listings waiting for the next showing of American Pie.

Most likely item to grab in a fire: Their subscription to “Sports Illustrated”/ the horrific purple letterman jackets they wear to lectures…this is Durham not Dartmouth.

Most likely chat up line: ‘I may be a saint but let me be your sinner.’ (To be honest, best not to mention you play for the Saints to any sane female.)

Most likely to get away with: Claiming that BUAFL (British Universities American Football League) actually exists.

Most likely school to have attended: Anywhere but Virginia Tech I’m sure.

Most likely relationship status: ‘Punching’ with a Durham Diva.

Most likely to be out on a: Unknown. Still yet to come across a ‘Saint’ on a night out.

Most likely place to be found on a night out: See above.

Most likely quote: (to the Divas) ‘For the last time, no, we do NOT want you to perform at our game.’ Ironically they are the only spectators.

Most likely to be kicked out of the club for: forgetting their club motto ‘Per ardua ad astra’ (through struggle to the stars). The same motto as the royal airforce…

Most likely song to have on their IPOD: Nelly – “Here Comes The Boom”

Most likely to be studying: English as a second language.

Most likely to refuse to: Admit to their opposition that they know the group of desperate Divas cheering on the sideline.

If you fancy going on a Diva/Saint social… maybe request to join this group…

And if you fancy joining the Saints… their requirements on their Facebook group are as followed- ‘ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, only enthusiasm’…