Preview – ‘Orcs the Musical’

Does anyone really want to miss out on can can dancing orcs?

DUTT Orcs The Musical Preview

David Knowles talks to Reesha Dyer, the Director of 'Orcs the Musical'

What inspired you to write a musical about orcs?

I tripped and fell… and suddenly there was a musical! Well, that's what it feels like. Last year, I was out in the woods with Treasure Trap, and we were dressed as Orcs, but, for plot reasons, wearing stupid hats. Someone, somewhere saiid "It looks like we are in Orcs!- The Musical" And then…. I accidentally wrote it.

Is it specifically based on any films or books?

It is not based on any one particular story, There are a few familiar plot lines- star crossed lovers, old king with creepy evil advisor, that kind of thing, but it is definitely not a Lord of the Rings rip off.

Can you briefly summarise the story?

The blurb goes something like this: In the faraway land of Astra Rubis, the battle between the ancient clans of the Orcs and the Urka rages on, with no signs of abating, even with the illness of the King, as two star-crossed lovers meet in battle, their fate to be torn apart by the machinations of an evil adviser. Oh for goodness sake, I'm making this sound like a Game of Thrones! Prepare for an evening of fun and Orc based songs in this parody musical, with adventure, battles, romance and a lot of enjoyable music, with parodies of some of your favourite classics like 'Oliver', 'Dancing Queen' and 'The Sound of Music'! And did I mention it had Orcs?

Why would a musical about orcs interest your average Durham Student?

It is very funny, features orcified versions of many famous musical numbers, and is generally incredibly silly- Does anyone really want to miss out on can can dancing orcs?

What's been the most exciting thing about the project for you?

Well, this project is my creation. I rewrote the parody songs, wrote the script, and directed it. I have never done anything like this before. There are some other, really amazing people helping me, and the cast is super fantastic, but I do feel like it's my baby, and to see it actually happening, on stage, with an audience, and lights, and a curtain and stuff? It is going to be awesome!

Performances: 2nd-4th February: 7:30pm (and 2:00pm on the 4th)
Venue: Fountains Hall, Grey College
Tickets: £5/£4/£4 regular people/DST members/DUTT members (all profits going to The Orangutan foundation)