David Knowles

Saturday’s independence rally showed how many of us would still vote ‘Yes’

One year on and still not happy

Kiss me Kate – Reviewed

David Knowles samples DULOG’s last theatrical offering of the year…

Durham One Theatre Awards – Epiphany

The votes are in and the winners are revealed! Read on to discover the winners of the One’s Theatre awards!

Preview – Cloud Nine

David Knowles interviews Justin Murray, Director of this weeks Assembly Rooms Show ‘Cloud Nine’

Durham One Theatre Awards – Epiphany

Vote now in the DurhamOne’s Theatre awards of Epiphany

Preview – Cabaret

David Knowles sits down with Sian Green and talks Cabaret!

Preview – Rent

David Knowles talks to Douglas Gibbs, Director of this week’s Assembly Room’s production Rent

Preview – The Picture of Dorian Gray

David Knowles chats to the co-directors of this week’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’

Preview – Little Shop of Horrors

David Knowles previews this week’s Hild Bede musical, Little Shop of Horrors

DDF Day 3 Preview

David Knowles looks at the shows coming up on the third day of the Durham Drama Festival

DDF Preview Day 2

David Knowles talks to the writers and directors of the shows on the second day of the Durham Drama Festival

Preview – Comedyfest!

David Knowles interviews the President of the Durham Revue Fergus Leathem about this Friday’s Comedyfest extravaganza!

DDF Preview Day 1

David Knowles previews the first day of the Durham Drama Festival

Preview – The Marriage of Figaro

David Knowles takes a camera backstage on the set of the Marriage of Figaro

Preview – Night Watch

David Knowles talks to Hannah Ryan and Tim Foster about the upcoming Ook! Production Night Watch

Durham Drama – Week 5

David Knowles previews the coming week of theatre in Durham

Preview – Anything Goes

David Knowles previews the Treveylan College musical, Anything Goes


Exclusive interview with the missing DDF mimes!

Preview – 4:48 Psychosis

‘The play itself is so moving that as soon as I’d read the script I felt compelled to put it on. As 1 in 10 people will have a mental health problem at a young age, it’s a very relevant piece of theatre.’

Preview – The Odyssey

‘When the original adapter, Mary Zimmerman, was asked how she had made the play relevant to the modern audience, she laughed and said (I’m paraphrasing here) "Is the problem of fatherless sons solved? Do people not worry about their partners remaining faithful anymore? Has no one ever paid hugely for one stupid mistake?’