Sport Stereotype: DUCC

THE ONE gives you this week’s stereotype, your typical DUCC player.

bucs DUCC economics hild bede rugby Strauss

Most likely to spend their time: rubbering up their handle, oiling up their bat and washing their jock strap.


Most likely to be wearing: white sun bloc all over their face and of course the vital Power Balance band


Most likely to be eating: biltong, or whatever the Saffers are rustling up


Most likely to be drinking: Pimms


Most likely college to be in: a Woodsman of course


Most likely to be reading: the rules of their ‘DUCC 100 Club’ –


Most likely item to grab in a fire: their winter gym schedule


Most likely chat up line: Howzat! (How are girls STILL oblivious to 'Rat Out Cricket'?)


Most likely to get away with: missing a whole year of university in order to play cricket for their national team (a nameless Hild Bede fresher last year)


Most likely school to have attended: Wellington


Most likely relationship status: loved up


Most likely to be out on a: rogue Tuesday


Most likely place to be found on a night out: Pizza Express or Nandos (as informed by their own website,18,IP.html)


Most likely quote: "this one time, in Abu Dhabs…"


Most likely song to have on their IPOD: ‘I don’t like cricket, I love it’, Dreadlock holiday

Most likely to be studying: Economics (following in the footsteps of Straussy on and off the pitch)

Most likely to refuse to: play rugby, or any other sort of contact sport.


Most likely to be kicked out of the club for: being bowled out by a girl in DUWCC. (It’s okay, she has won the Women’s Ashes…)