Caught on Camera: The Pheasant Thief

Exclusive footage of the pheasant whisperer in action

brittannia pheasants

Earlier this month, The One brought you the horrifying story of two pheasants being stolen from a student house in Gilesgate. Reactions to this bizarre theft ranged from militant denunciations, “it’s the hallmark of a broken society!”, to calls of sympathy for the thief, who had perhaps fallen on hard times from the economic crisis. Judging from his adept technique, the rascal certainly knew what he was doing but what he didn’t know was that CCTV had been installed specifically to guard the pheasants.

After trawling through the archives, The One can bring you exclusive footage of the infamous pheasant thief in action. After originally cycling past for the purposes of reconnaissance, he sends in two female decoys and phones his wife with the good news. Then, after propping his bike up for a speedy getaway he scales the wall with the ease of a pro. After dislodging the pheasants from their perch, he slings them on his bike and cycles off victoriously. The perfect crime, or was it…