Shwmae/Su’mae: Today we celebrate the Welsh language

Diwrnod Shwmae/Su’mae Day has been celebrated on the 15th of October in Wales every year since 2013

‘Shwmae’ (South Wales) or ‘Su’mae’ (North Wales) is an informal greeting used by South and North Wales citizens to start a conversation, and today we’re sure to be hearing it a lot.

What is Diwrnod Shwmae/Su’mae Day?

Wales celebrates Diwrnod Shwmae/Su’mae Day to promote the Welsh Language in local communities, schools, and workplaces.

It aims to encourage non-Welsh speakers or learners to make the effort to speak the Welsh language for the day (or longer if they would like), raising awareness of the Welsh language and its surrounding culture.

How is it celebrated?

The day is coordinated by ‘Dathlu’r Cymraeg’ (Celebrate the Welsh Language), an organization made up of 26 different Welsh organizations and societies, and they have plenty of ideas on how to make this Diwrnod Shwmae/Su’mae Day the best one yet.

Perhaps the most simple way to support the day could be to greet your loved ones (and even your not so loved ones) with a simple ‘Shwmae/Su’mae’ – even if you can’t speak Welsh, it still starts the conversation.

In many schools and workplaces, you may see individuals wearing red, white, and green or selling Welsh-themed treats. You may even come across YouTube videos of school children explaining what the day means to them. All of these activities are conducted to encourage people to learn the Welsh language and generally appreciate Welsh culture.

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