Cardiff University announces changes to the format of upcoming graduation ceremonies

The ceremonies will now include a celebration of individuals’ achievements

In Autumn 2021, Cardiff University released its plans for the graduating classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022. Since then, there have been numerous posts and petitions complaining about the format of the ceremonies and lack of individual recognition.

The university has now responded to those complaints.

In a recent email to graduation attendees, the Pro Vice-Chancellor expressed that whilst they are “still finalising the format of the day’s event(s)”, they have “committed to responding to your feedback”.

As such, there will be an opportunity for graduates to have their achievements recognised individually as part of School recognition events that will also happen on the day.

Students will get to walk and have their name read out whilst guests applaud at the School ceremonies, with each graduate being able to invite two guests. The main ceremony will still take place at the Principality Stadium, with students being congratulated as a course year group.

The Vice-Chancellor stated that the approximate 13,500 students expected to attend “presented huge logistical challenges”, and that such logistical difficulties make individual presentations of certificates in the stadium unfeasible.

Other activities on the day, such as celebrations in the university’s Graduation Gardens, will also take place, with formal invitations detailing individual timetables for the event now expected to be sent out in late April or early May.

The Vice-Chancellor also said that she had “chaired several meetings of the Graduation Steering group, which includes members of The Cardiff University Students’ Union”, in order to listen to all feedback from Cardiff students.

She has stated that: “I made it clear that we were still finalising the format of the day’s event(s) – and that is still the case.” She wanted to stress, however, by saying: “We have listened, we understand, and we are committed to responding to your feedback.”

One member, who has been called a “driving force” by a Cardiff University student, was Orla Tarn, the Vice President for Postgraduate Studies. They hosted focus groups and zoom calls to collect the opinions of the students, and then delivered these opinions back to the Vice-Chancellor, making sure that the students were well and truly heard.

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