We asked Cardiff students the weirdest Xmas gifts they’ve ever received

nah someone genuinely got a sheep?

Buying Christmas presents is always a struggle. But what’s harder? Receiving shit ones. You have that weird aunt buying you presents you’re way too old for, or your grandparents buying you ugly socks. The worst part is, you have to act SUPER enthusiastic and grateful when really, you’re wondering why they bothered to get you anything at all.

Sometimes, presents are just plain weird. So, we asked Cardiff Students about the weirdest Christmas gift they’ve ever received, and here’s what they had to say…

One student genuinely got a sheep

We all know that saying, a dog’s not just for Christmas. Well, what about a sheep? Yes, one Cardiff  student got gifted ‘an actual sheep’! Do they live on a farm? Did they ask for it? Do they still own it? So many unanswered questions.

Another student told us that they were gifted two fish. Again, why?

It might not be fun but at least it’s practical!

The list of practical presents students receive at Christmas is long. Washing up liquid, batteries, a 6-pack of transformer tissues, sponges, a bike chain, snow spikes for the bottom of your shoes… the tragic list goes on.

Either way, these presents are proof that gifts really do start to get more boring as you get older. Unless you’re one Cardiff student, who asked for toilet roll at two-years old. Credit to them, they were a while ahead of the loo roll stockpiling. Likewise, we wouldn’t be surprised if most of us get hand sanitiser in our stocking this Christmas.

A dog lead? But mum, I don’t even have a dog? 

Then there’s those gifts you get which are definitely re-gifted, because you’ve got absolutely no use for them and they know it. But it’s Christmas Eve and they started to panic.

A horse brush would be great…if you owned a horse. A dog lead would be handy…if you had a dog. A necklace would be lovely…if it wasn’t originally intended for someone else – awkward.

And a clock for a baby’s bedroom would be thoughtful! If you aren’t 20 years old, not pregnant, and the gift is from your boyfriend’s mum…

Getting the same thing from different people is kinda awkward

One Cardiff Student told us they once unwrapped their present to find they had been gifted a shirt identical to the one they were wearing. Kind of handy if you really like the shirt!

Meanwhile, another student received the exact same jacket three times, two from different family members, and one from their boyfriend.

The non parent-friendly gifts you just cannot take home

If you’ve done Secret Santa with your housemates, you know it tends to get a little inappropriate. Maybe not quite inappropriate in terms of Uni life, but definitely inappropriate for home and parents life.

Personally, I know my parents wouldn’t love it if I told them I bought my housemate a high intensity intercourse training book for secret Santa. Likewise, penis pasta and a mug that says ‘Twat’ on the bottom possibly aren’t parent-friendly.

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