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We’ve rounded up Cardiff’s best Halloween costumes for 2019

Augustus Gloop made an appearance this year


Spooky season has come and gone, and we're already thinking of mince pies and pigs in blankets. But do you want to relieve your Halloween 2019 one last time?

From famous quintets to fairy tale families, you've all been harnessing your inner ghosts, ghouls, demons, dead or just about anything else under the sun.

So without further ado, here are Cardiff's best dressed for Halloween 2019. Did you make the cut?

Elizandra, third year Biomed

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All I can say is… Congratulations (Forgive me).

Elizandra channelled her inner Post Malone this year.

Emma, first year Social Analytics and Lucy, second year Mechanical Engineer

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Let's be honest, you didn't think of this and you're mad at yourself. It's safe to say, name a more iconic duo? We'll be waiting for too long for your answer.

Dylan, first business management

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This outfit is finger lickin' good!

The man, the myth and the legend, Colonel Sanders. His finger lickin' good chicken is still going strong and I bet this guy had some attention that night.

India, second year Marine Geography and Emily, second year Biomed

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Again, you're annoyed you didn't think of the Scoops Ahoy.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Oompa Loompa doopity doo, Cheer team have a special costume for you.

Emma, first year nursing

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Commitment to the Hulk outfit. Bet that green paint was super fun to get off.

Mystery Gang, Scooby Doo

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These third years looking like a Scooby snackkkkk.

Caitlin, second year Chemistry and Gemma, first year Veterinary Nurse

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Let the Purge begin

Announcement of the annual purge. It's an annual costume and we just can't get enough.

Amber, third year law and Tia, third year politics and international relations

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Someone always sneaks in a chance to dress up as a Disney princess

Let's hope this sleeping beauty didn't end up in too much of a deep sleep after maleficent's influence.

Ffion, third year nursing

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Ow! What's occurin'?

Is there anything better than Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins making an appearance at Halloween? Doubt it.

That's it for Cardiff's best dressed for Halloween 2019. Check out the Insta to see if you've featured there too!