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It’s a fact: Everyone’s had at least one of these relationships in uni

Even you singletons

Uni, it's a place with many different people in many different situations. Whether you're still with the loml at home or after your future hubby/wifey in uni, everyone has definitely experienced at least one of these relationships during their 3 (or 4 for you lucky ones) years at uni.

Long Distance Relationships

Long distance can be hard if you have lived in the same town for years. FaceTime will become your best friend, you'll nag every weekend if they can come to visit and when they do, you shudder at the sight of them leaving after only 2 nights.

The Cardiff Tab asked someone who has had a long distance relationship during uni and what their top tips are.

"Communication is key in any relationship, therefore having a dedicated time each day gives each of you something to look forward to after a long day in uni. Try to FaceTime instead of call as it is more personal."

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You'll get pretty used to climbing the Cathays train station stairs with a heavy suitcase

Same Uni Relationships

Freshers' Week can be very exciting, and for some of us we may have found our uni loves. Lash nights together, drunken Fam Fish meals – who said romance is dead?

We asked a second year for their advice about the classic fresher relationship and they said:

Once the buzz of Freshers' dies down, your relationship has been through the ‘honeymoon phase’ and you may not actually know much about the other person. Take time to get to know each other and make sure you haven’t just let the excitement of freshers get the better of you

Wait so downing VKs and necking on isn't actually a relationship? Oops.

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A mutual love in orange VKs can thoroughly help a relationship

Uni vs. Full-time Work Relationships

Not all relationships are centred around uni, one person might work full-time while the other is in uni. They're just on a different level to you, I mean they actually get up before midday?!

We asked someone who works full time, what it's like to be in a relationship with a student and they said:

One of the most important things you can do it take an interest in each other’s day. Working and going to uni are very different, but chatting about their interests like hobbies, work or classes shows that you’ve put in extra effort for them.

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If your S.O. pours pints then you can relate over how annoying drunk students can be

Living with each other

Okay, so most students 'don't recommend this' as it can mean that you see each other too much. But why wouldn't want to see your S.O.? Whether you live in a one bed flat or with other mates in a uni house, as long as you keep the arguments to a minimum it's all gooood.

The best thing about this kind of relationship is that your belongings stay exactly where they are. No overnight bag, no leaving a few things at his/hers to make life easier, you literally live UPSTAIRS.

Advice would be to make sure that you are seeing your friends regularly and you aren't having arguments over who last cleaned the kitchen (even uni wives argue about this shit). Plus, it's great practice to see how your gf/bf actually lives.

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If you live together, coordinating outfits can be much easier

The relationship you have with yourself is just as banging

Trust us, this one counts. You may be single, but that doesn't mean you're alone. The relationship you build with yourself is just as important as a relationship with another person during your years at uni.

There is no better feeling than 'me time' where you whip out your Lush face mask, put your fave candle on and read a banging book. Making time for friends is very important, even if it's going over to your course mates' house for a cuppa. But by god, we do love having no commitments.

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When no one is there to nurse your hangover, you've still got yourself xox

So if you've never had any of these relationships then you're basically just in denial. They're the classic uni rels and each have their own challenges. But I'm sure our advice will keep you going.