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Here’s round three of Cardiff’s BNOC of the year 2018

Here’s the next lot of legendary nominees

It's time for heat three of Cardiff's BNOC of the year 2018. It's the penultimate round before the grand final, and by now, you know the drill. Whether they're sesh heads, comedy legends or high achievers, this next round of names deserve their nominations.

Here are the next three worthy BNOCs.

Shyy Davda

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Human geography, third year Shyy has literally broken the record for the most nominations for BNOC of the year, and is apparently already a massive name amongst the geographers.

She is practially seen in every single club in Cardiff and sells tickets for every event. She's Social Sec for CPlan, and apparently you can't go out with Shyy without her bumping into one of her many friends in Cardiff.

The girl is the definition of popular, and it's no suprise after she once started a flashmob in T&A, singing Daniel Beddingfield. Shyy can also attend the SU by herself and actually make friends in there which was proven in first year. She is dedicated to the sesh, which was proved by her Monday night out at Bump and Grind after climbing Pen y Fan the same day.

Like most of our BNOCs she gets up to some cray antics on a night out. One time on a ski trip she was so bevved, that she got lost in the hotel and wandered around until 5am. Then after realising she forgot her key, she slept in some randomer's room. At the CPlan ball last year she pretended to be a bar tender making Sex on the Beach cocktails but drank them all herself and then had to be carried home.

Rhys Owen

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Second year, Politics student Rhys knows every man and his dog around Cathays despite living in Blackweir. His special pulling technique which has gained him BNOC status is trying to talk to girls in Welsh after finding out they're Welsh. Rhys is also a big name because he used to go to every single Lash. That was until he was banned, which is another story…

Rhys was banned from the SU after having a wee off the balcony during the lash. He was initially banned for four weeks, but due to his Lash dedication, he continued to try and enter by using fake ID. However, these extreme measures resulted in his ban being extended, and he is now banned from the SU for life. Every member of the SU knows his name because of this. So this alone technically makes him a big name on campus.

Molly Jackson

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JOMEC third year, Molly is a massive BNOC in the Cardiff sphere of journalism and media. Molly is dedicated to her extracurricular work, she is on the JOMEC committee, she is the Film and TV editor for Quench Magazine, and Events Manager for Xpress Radio.

You'd think with all this going on she'd have no time to go out. But you're wrong. As per usual with our BNOCs, Molly's always at the Lash with many a VKs in hand, becoming everyone's best friend. And after a little break from partying due to a detached retina (unrelated from the Lash we hope), Molly got a text from Mamas Kebabs asking where she'd been because they missed her. Classic Cardiff.

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